Little Brownie Bakers

Who Am I?

Girl Scout Brownies learn about their products as they become cookie detectives and try to guess which cookie they have taped on their back


For discussion

  1. Invite girls to sit in a circle and give each girl a copy of the cookie flyer.
  2. Talk with the girls and say, “We have great news: It’s time to get ready to sell Girl Scout cookies!”
  3. Do you have a favorite Girl Scout cookie? 
  4. Can you name and describe all the different cookies? 
  5. Go around the circle and ask each girl to read the name and description of a cookie from the flyer, until all the cookies have been reviewed.
  6. While the girls are describing the cookies, walk around the outside of the circle, taping one cookie card to each girl’s back, with the cookie facing outwards.
  7. Do not tell the girl which card she has taped on her back.
  8. If you have a large group, it is O.K. to have some girls with the same cookie variety and name.

Cookie clues game

  1. Share this scenario with the girls: “You’ve offered to bring some cookies to the cookie booth, but you cannot remember which cookie variety you are responsible for bringing. But with the help of your Girl Scout friends, you’ll be sure and solve the mystery.” 
  2. Girls can stand up and walk around the room to ask each other questions, and to view the cookie name on the backs of her Girl Scout friends.  
  3. A girl can ask one “yes or no” question of each Girl Scout friend. For example:
       - Is my box purple?
       - Do I have chocolate in me?
       - Am I mint flavored? 
  4. After she receives the answer to each question, she can make one guess to name the cookie on her back. If she is correct, her friend removes the card from her back and hands it to her. If she is not correct, then she can ask a new question of another friend.
  5. Continue playing until every girl has guessed her cookie variety.  
  6. Mix up the cards, re-assign them to different girls, and play again!