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It's here! Welcome to the first ever National Girl Scout Cookie Sleepover!

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Welcome to the first-ever National Girl Scout Cookie Sleepover!

It’s about girls, goals, games and...COOKIES! The National Girl Scout Cookie Sleepover is a one-hour, online video show that delivers a brand new kind of cookie fun and learning. And several segments are in 3D!

Presented by Little Brownie Bakers, this web program will inspire girls and help them set an achievable cookie goal. It’s also a lot of high-energy fun!

Highlights include:

  • Stories of real girls doing A World of Good
  • Powerful sales tips
  • Action-packed games
  • Samoas Shout song and dance girls can learn
  • Interaction with girls across the country via Twitter and Facebook
  • Hands-on direction and Cookie Breaks that allow your girls to set their own cookie goals during the program 

Here’s all you need:

  • Internet connection
  • Pens and markers or crayons
  • Paper or a Sleepover Guide for each girl (available on our Volunteer Blog)

For more fun:

  • 3D glasses for each girl (You can make 3D glasses, or buy them from a store and let girls decorate them).
  • Rehearse the Samoas Shout cheer in advance with the girl creators on video (available on our Volunteer Blog) 
  • Cell phones, laptops or tablets for volunteers and girls to interact with the Sleepover show using Twitter and Facebook on Jan. 12, 2013 at 8 p.m., in all USA time zones.

Make your own 3-D glasses!

Click here to learn how!