Little Brownie Bakers

The idea game

Girl Scout Brownies learn quickly that brainstorming means thinking about lots of ideas. With this fun game based on the song, “One Potato, Two Potato,” they are eager for the challenge.



  1. Based upon the interests of your girls, generate some ideas for exciting activities or projects that they can do with their cookie proceeds. 
  2. Write these on one color of sticky notes. 
  3. Make sure there are about twice as many ideas as there are girls.
  4. Now generate ideas for service activities girls can do with their cookie proceeds. 
  5. Write these on a different color of sticky notes.
  6. Prior to the meeting place the sticky notes around the room.

For discussion

  1. Invite girls to sit in a circle and discus. Why do we sell Girl Scout cookies? (Likely responses: because it’s fun, people like them, they taste good, etc.).
  2. We also sell Girl Scout cookies to raise money. Why would we want to raise money?  In addition to helping us pay for fun things we do together, the Cookie Program benefits all the Girl Scouts in our area and helps run camps and other programs. We also can use our cookie money to help make the world a better place.  
  3. Hold up two fingers. With our cookie money we will do something fun together and do something to help make the world a better place
  4. The great news is that you get to decide what we will do!

The idea game

  1. This is a game that will help us work together to decide which two goals we will choose this Cookie Season.
  2. Explain to the girls that a great goal usually starts with lots of ideas. Go around the room and talk about the ideas that are on the sticky notes that you placed around the room before the meeting. Explain that one color of notes features fun and learning goal ideas and the other color features service goal ideas.  
  3. To play the game, invite girls to stand in a circle with their hands clasped in front of them like in the game “One Potato, Two Potato.”
  4. Go around the circle touching a girl’s hands as you say each word, “One idea, two idea, three idea, four. Five idea, six idea, seven idea, more.” When the play stops at a girl, she chooses her favorite sticky note of each color and places them on the floor in the center of the circle, categorizing by color.  
  5. Now this girl becomes “it,” and she goes around the circle for another round. After each girl has been “it,” she should return to her place in the circle and have a seat on the floor.  Play continues until every girl has chosen idea sticky notes.
  6. Ask the girls, “Do you have any additional ideas?” If so, enthusiastically add these to the group.
  7. Now girls can discuss the ideas they have narrowed down. Which ideas do you like best?  Is there any idea you don’t like? Place the sticky notes in two or three piles as you discuss them. Yes! No! Maybe!
  8. Help girls narrow their choices and choose both an activity goal and a service goal by using voting or consensus. 
  9. Record the goals on the goal poster. Explain to the girls that they will be selling Girl Scout cookies so that they can reach these two goals.
  10. If your girls are full of ideas, you may wish to play an alternate version of this game in which girls offer their own ideas when it is their turn, rather than using sticky notes.
  11. Congratulate them on their teamwork!