Little Brownie Bakers

Sample agenda for family meetings

Here is an example of how to hold a family meeting for girls getting started in the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. Meetings can be held virtually or in person. Just make sure the girls lead the way as much as possible and follow all safety rules!

Consider including these steps:

1. Girls greet and welcome their families and call the meeting to order. They introduce the adult volunteer.

2. The adult volunteer discusses how the Girl Scout Cookie Program® offers experiences that teach girls five essential leadership skills:

  • a.     Goal Setting – setting cookie sales goals and making a plan to reach them
  • b.     Decision Making – deciding how their team will spend the cookie money
  • c.     Money Management – running their own cookie business by taking orders, handling money and creating budgets
  • d.     People Skills – showing girls how to work with all kinds of people
  • e.     Business Ethics – encouraging girls always to be responsible and honest

It’s also important to explain how the program benefits the entire council.

3. Adult volunteer explains to families what they can do to support their girls:

  • a.     Listen to girls as they practice their pitch to customers
  • b.     Assist girls with in-person and virtual cookie booths plus delivery

In some cases, a generous family may offer to write a check rather than participate in the program. Help them understand how that would keep girls from discovering leadership opportunities they learn by being part of the program.

4. Girls take turns explaining the group’s goals.

  • a.     Include songs, projects and games at the girls’ discretion
  • b.     Give out copies of the Family Activity Guide (Spanish version: Spanish Activity Guide); they can also view the Cookie Family Connection Guide at

5. Girls thank everyone for participating and say goodbye.