Little Brownie Bakers

Sample Cookie Rally agenda

Set-up (1-2 hours)
Set up tables for each of the stations. Number and label each of the stations and equip them with necessary materials for the activity. Do any of the stations require chairs? Make sure there is a table near the entrance for groups to check in and pick up materials.  Set up a microphone, music and speaker system, if required. Make sure all volunteers are present, have their staff name tags and are ready to keep the fun going!

Gathering (15 minutes)
As guests arrive, they sign in at the registration table, fill out the sign-in sheet and pick up any materials. If you wish, have plain name tags available and cookie swag bags.

If you are using the Rally Station Cards, give each girl a copy as she arrives. Be sure each station has stickers or a stamp that girls can collect on their cards at each stop.

Tip: Invite girls to return their completed Rally Station Cards at the end of the rally and draw for prizes. 

Welcome (10-15 minutes)
Welcome everyone to the Cookie Rally and open by reciting the Girl Scout Promise together. Introduce the groups in attendance and have each stand and be recognized. Ask girls to look at their Rally Station Cards. At this rally, girls will take the card to each station and get a sticker or a stamp. At the end of the rally, they can return their completed forms to be entered in a drawing for prizes.

Briefly explain how the groups will rotate through the stations.

Introduce the stars of this year’s Cookie Program -- the cookies! As the cookies are introduced, girls dressed in cookie costumes enter the stage. Use a fun script that gets the crowd cheering.

Cookie stations (20 minutes each)
Rotate through the selected stations. Play music to keep everyone excited!

Whole-group activity (20-30 minutes)
Time for the “pep” part of the rally. Get girls cheering for themselves, the cookies and the power of Cookie Season. 1. Have a Cookie Cheer Competition. Divide girls into small groups and invite each to create a cheer for Girl Scout Cookies. Give them about 15 minutes to prepare a cheer to perform for the group. Encourage the girls to get the crowd involved with their cheer...gymnastics optional! 2. Or try an energetic cookie group cheer.

Wrap-up (15 minutes)
Give out participation awards and prize drawings. Ask everyone if they had a good time at the rally. Tell them that you value their opinion and ask them to fill out a short girl survey to help you plan for future rallies. Thank everyone for coming and send them off with participation certificates and a wish for a safe and successful Cookie Season. Give volunteers thank you certificates and ask them to complete a volunteer survey. Go, Girl Scouts!