Little Brownie Bakers

Safety talent show

Girl Scout Juniors review safety and display and share what they have learned when they showcase a safety rule using an assortment of unique talents.


  • Paper (cut into eight strips)
  • Cup or container

Write each safety rule below on a strip of paper.  

  1. Always sell with an adult.
  2. Wear your Girl Scout identification.
  3. Never tell anyone your name or where you live.
  4. Ask an adult to help with forms and money.
  5. Don’t sell in a neighborhood or area that is unfamiliar.
  6. Only sell door to door during daylight hours.
  7. Never enter a home when selling or delivering cookies.
  8. Follow pedestrian safety rules.

Join the show activity

  1. Review the safety rules with girls.
  2. Fold the strips and place them into a container.
  3. Explain to the girls that they have an opportunity to participate in an impromptu talent show. Ask them to decide whether they would like to perform as an individual or in a small group (ask girls to form any groups at this time).
  4. Invite each group and individual to draw a safety rule.
  5. Provide girls with about 15 minutes to put together and practice a routine that showcases the safety rule that they drew. Girls may wish to create and perform a song, a play, a cheer, a skit, a dance, perform it to rap, a charade, a poem, a magic trick or any other talent they would like to use. This is a time for their creativity to shine!
  6. Girls take turns performing their safety rule.
  7. Optional: Invite the audience to try to guess the rule being performed when applicable (i.e., if performance is charades or a magic trick).

For discussion
After all the rules have been performed, invite the girls to discuss the importance of each safety rule.