Little Brownie Bakers

Plan a successful rally

Five steps to a successful rally


Step 1: Begin with the basics

Plan to use rally time and resources to do what matters most. Set big goals to:
• Sell another box
• Find another customer
• Engage another girl

Choose a location that has enough space to set up six to seven stations for small-group activities as well as an open space where the whole group can assemble.

Hold the rally before the start of the Cookie Season. Crosscheck with various community calendars to make sure your rally date doesn’t conflict with special events or holidays. Allow approximately two hours for the rally itself. Don’t forget to allow for setup and cleanup times when reserving your space.

Determine the cost per girl. (For example: materials for activities, promotional materials, refreshments and patch cost.)

Step 2: Get the word out

Send out an electronic announcement or flyer to the adult volunteers, inviting them to bring girls to the rally. Provide sample parent letters, permission forms and registration forms online to download. Consider advertising the rally in council newsletters, on the website or using Facebook and Twitter. Give plenty of advance notice so everyone can reserve the big day. Be sure to customize your letters or flyers to include any special items or supplies girls should bring to the rally.
• If you send information electronically, you can send out reminders.
• Support a service project by encouraging participants to bring along a canned good or other item.

Step 3: Plan the details

Planning and organization are keys to rally success.

Review the sample agenda and customize it to fit your needs.
Select stations, such as those provided by Little Brownie.
Plan for girls to stay at each station for 15-25 minutes, depending on the number and type of stations you choose.
• Use the Rally Station Cards for easy station rotation.
• Modify activities to fit your facility and talents.

Ideally, you will divide the girls into as many groups as there are stations. You might have to adjust the number of stations accordingly. For easiest rotation, when time is up at a station, play music so everyone knows it’s time to move to the next station.

• Volunteers appreciate a simple activities list that gives them an overview of events and directions on how their girls will proceed through the station. Remember to make note of any badge activities girls are fulfilling by participating in the rally.
• Treat the parents and leaders by providing a parent lounge where they can relax during the rally.

Make a checklist of supplies you might need for your rally.

To save time, plan your setup in detail on paper. Consider placing the station tables around the perimeter and leaving the middle free for the whole group to assemble. Name the stations and plan how to rotate the girls through. Plan for a registration table near the entrance.

• Hang a Cookie Station Sign above each station.
• Find some lively background music you can play during parts of the rally.

Step 4: Rally Run Through

In a pre-rally meeting with volunteers, share information, assign tasks --  and get everyone excited about the event. You may find they have some great ideas to share. Keep the meeting fun and motivating, just like the rally!

• Give the volunteers a sampling of the fun in store. If you plan to have music, play it as they arrive. Challenge them to solve the same puzzles that will challenge the girls. Tasting Girl Scout cookies is always inspiring!
• Assign stations and tasks to volunteers and keep track using the Volunteer Round up Sheet.
• Encourage volunteers to come up with ways to decorate their stations.
TIP: Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors can be great volunteers and cheerleaders at these events. Involve them in the planning and pre-rally meetings as volunteers.

Step 5: It’s a Wrap!

So, how did it go? Evaluate your rally and record ideas for next year.