Little Brownie Bakers

‘Pitching’ sales for fun and success

Girl Scout Brownies have a “ball” as they practice their sales pitches and other selling tips.


  • Beach ball
  • Permanent marker

Use the permanent marker to write the following phrases randomly on the ball (or on masking tape affixed to the ball):

  1. Greet your customer.
  2. Share your goals.
  3. Ask customer if she would like to buy cookies.
  4. Recommend your favorite cookie.
  5. Suggest cookies as gifts.
  6. Say goodbye to your customer.


  1. Invite girls to stand in a circle.
  2. Explain that this game gives them a chance to practice some of the things they will say to their customers. Read the phrases written on the ball out loud.
  3. Instruct the girls that when they catch the ball, they must “freeze” their hands on the ball in exactly that spot.
  4. Rehearse
  5. “Pitch” the ball to a girl. Then, name a hand and finger (for example, left hand, pointer finger). The girl locates the phrase closest to that finger and demonstrates that part of her sales “pitch.” 
  6. She then throws the ball to another girl and names a hand and finger.
  7. Continue until all the girls have had at least one chance to practice and all the topics have been covered.

Practice your pitch!

  1. Invite the girls to pair up and practice their entire sales pitch with each other, with one girl role-playing the customer.
  2. You may suggest girls follow the scripts on their order cards. 
  3. As they perfect their sales pitches, encourage volunteers to perform their sales skits for the whole group.