Little Brownie Bakers

Idea hunt

Girl Scout Daisies are hide-and-seek experts! Help them to use their expertise to discover ideas and choose a cookie goal. Goal-setting is a basic life skill that inspires success. Girl Scout Daisies will have fun and stay active as they use teamwork to agree on two Girl Scout cookie goals for their group – a fun and learning goal and a service goal.  



  1. Based on the interests of the girls, generate some ideas for exciting activities that they can do with their cookie proceeds. Write these on one color of sticky notes.
  2. Now generate ideas for service activities girls can do with their cookie proceeds. Write these on a different color of sticky notes.
  3. Hide all the notes around the meeting area. (Be sure there are enough for every girl to find at least one.)
  4. Trim the cookie cutouts.

For discussion

  1. Talk with the girls about why we sell Girl Scout cookies and allow them to discover that doing something fun together and doing something to make the world a better place are both important goals.
  2. Talk with the girls and say, “We have great news: It’s time to get ready to sell Girl Scout cookies!”
  3.  Why do we sell Girl Scout cookies? (Likely response: because it’s fun, people like them, they taste good, etc.)
  4. We also sell Girl Scout cookies to earn money. Why would we want to earn money?  In addition to helping us to pay for fun things we do together, the Cookie Program helps all the Girl Scouts in our area and helps run camps and other programs. We also can use our cookie money to help make the world a better place.
  5. Hold up two fingers. With our Cookie Program money, we will do something fun together and do something to help make the world a better place.
  6. The great news is, you get to decide what we will do!
  7. Now we’re going to have an idea hunt. It’s a game that will help everyone work together to decide which two goals we will choose.

On the hunt game

  1. Girls go on an “idea hunt” for hidden sticky notes with suggestions for activities that they may enjoy doing with their cookie money. 
  2. When she finds one, the girl should return to the circle. If all girls have returned to the circle and there are still many notes that have not been found, you may have another round.
  3. As you read and discuss each girl’s note, ask her to place it on a paper cup on the floor in the center of the circle, categorizing by color. Point out that one color has ideas for fun things that they can do. The other color has ideas for ways that they can make the world a better place.
  4. Ask the girls: Do you have any additional ideas? If so, enthusiastically add these to the circle. Which ideas do you like best? Is there any idea you don’t like?

Sweet success activity

  1. When you move the sticky notes onto paper cups, girls can use the cookie cutouts to vote for their favorite ideas. Make a colorful cookie graph to show the results!
  2. Help the girls narrow their choices and choose both an activity goal and a service goal by using voting or consensus.
  3. Hand each girl six cookie cutouts to use for voting.
  4. Invite each girl to vote for her three favorite fun ideas and her three favorite service ideas, by dropping a cookie cutout in each paper cup labeled with her favorite options.
  5. Count the votes from each paper cup and record the results on the cookie graph.
  6. Move the winning sticky notes to the goal poster, or record the winning ideas there.  Explain to the girls that they will be selling Girl Scout cookies so that they can reach these two goals. 
  7. Congratulate them on their teamwork! Explain that at the next meet they will discuss how many cookies they need to sell to reach these goals.