Little Brownie Bakers

Hello? Girl Scout Daisies calling!

A telephone is a great sales and communications tool, but it does take patience and practice to help young girls use them correctly. Your group will enjoy this fun activity that helps girls learn proper phone etiquette and manners while also utilizing their spoken sales skills.



  • Print one Girl Scout Daisy cell phone template for each girl.
  • Give out copies of the Girl Scout Daisy cell phone and guide the girls as they cut and fold the template and glue the blank sides together.
  • Give the girls an opportunity to decorate their phones and assist them in filling out the script inside the phone.
  • You may wish to invite them to come up with their own phone numbers and ring tones and share them with each other.

For discussion
Discuss the following points with the girls.

  • Who should always be with you when you’re making a phone call?
  • When are some good times to call people? When are not-so-good times?
  • What will you say if they ask, “What kind of cookie do you suggest?”
  • Why is it a good idea to repeat the order back to the person?
  • What should you say after a person orders cookies from you?
  • What should you say if a person doesn’t wish to order cookies?
  • Invite a few volunteers to call you on their new phones and ask you to buy cookies.

Practice makes perfect!

  • Divide girls into pairs and invite them to pretend they are calling each other to sell
  • Girl Scout cookies.
  • Remind them they can follow the script on the inside of their phones.
  • Pairs can regroup as time allows.
  • Practice and have fun!