Little Brownie Bakers

Going up with my elevator pitch

Girl Scout Juniors learn self-confidence when they practice their “elevator pitch,” a tried-and-true standard of successful sales people. Girls eagerly use this knowledge to earn higher sales.



  1. Cut apart the possible customer responses, fold them, and place them in a small container.
  2. Ask girls to imagine they are in an elevator with a potential customer. How will they quickly convince a customer to buy cookies before the door opens and the customer is gone?
  3. Explain that a short, practiced sales speech is often called an “elevator pitch,” and is used by many successful sales people.
  4. Invite the girls to discuss important points that should be in their pitches, such as: 
       - Greet the customer.
       - Share your goals.
       - Ask for the sale (ask them to buy cookies).
       - Tell the customer a little about the cookies.
       - Suggest donating cookies if you have a “gift of caring” project.
       - Close the sale (sell them the cookies).
  5. Challenge the girls to write their own elevator pitches on their templates. Remind them to include the important points but to also add some personal touches, such as mentioning their favorite cookies.
  6. Invite the girls to practice their sales pitches with one another.

Floor-by-floor activity

  1. Remind girls that every customer is different. Even if she gives each customer the same pitch, customers are likely to respond differently
  2. Ask each girl to take a turn drawing one of the customer responses, reading it aloud to the group and providing a possible response.
  3. Encourage girls to discuss alternative ways to respond. Guide the group in choosing the best responses.
  4. As the girls agree on how to handle each customer response, they can color in a floor number on their elevators until they reach the top.
  5. Make sure girls understand that an elevator pitch is not just for elevators. It can be used anywhere that they sell cookies. Ask girls to suggest some places that they plan to use their elevator pitch (door-to-door order taking, cookie booths, mom’s office, etc.)

For discussion

  1. Encourage girls to remember what they’ve learned as they begin selling cookies.
  2. Remind them to always be polite and safe, no matter what the customer’s answer may be to their pitch.
  3. Review responses to common customer comments:
       - I would love to buy some!
       - I might be interested, but I’m very busy right now.
       - Sure, but I never know what kind to get.
       - I’m sorry, but we don’t have enough money right now.
       - I don’t know. My mom isn’t home.
       - I’d like to help you out but I’m trying to cut down on sweets.
       - I’d like to buy a few packages for my wife. She loves chocolate.
       - These are my family’s favorite cookies.
       - I wish we could have them all year.
       - Sure, come in while I decide which kind to buy.
       - What is the money from the Cookie Sale used for?