Little Brownie Bakers

Goal hangers

Girl Scout Brownies learn the importance of responsibility with this fun door hanger craft that helps girls set, remember and track their personal goals for Cookie Season.


  • Small pieces of paper or sticky notes
  • Pencils
  • Calculators
  • CD cases (one per girl)
  • Goal tracker template
  • Goal hanger template
  • Crayons, colored pencils or markers
  • Ribbon (15-inches per girl)
  • Age appropriate scissors
  • Glue and tape
  • Colorful construction paper


  1. Print one goal hanger template for each girl (to insert in cover of CD case).
  2. Print two goal tracker templates for each girl. (These will go inside the case, to track progress against goals)
  3. Cut ribbon in 15-inch lengths (one piece per girl). 
  4. Trim the construction paper or card stock to fit into the cover of the CD case.

Jumping Jills activity

  1. Girl Scout Brownies will jump to action as they learn the power of a number goal and then use math to determine how many cookies each girl must sell to reach the group goal.
  2. Give each girl a pencil and small piece of paper or a sticky note.
  3. Invite girls to do jumping Jills (jumping Jacks) for 20 seconds and ask them to silently count how many they do.  
  4. Time them, and then at the end of 20 seconds, instruct them to write down how many they did.
  5. Invite girls to share their numbers.
  6. Now give the girls a challenge. Cross out the number and increase it by two or even five more! This is your new goal.
  7. Time the girls again and see if they can reach their new goal the second time they do jumping jills. Ask them to write down how many they did and compare it to their goal.
  8. Talk about the activity
       - What difference did a goal make?
       - Did anyone go over her goal? How did you feel?
       - If having a number goal helps you do more, what are some other goals you could set for yourself?  
       - Should we set some number goals for the Cookie Season? Why?
  9. For a little extra challenge and action, guide girls as they create a graph comparing how many jumping Jills they did before and after setting a goal.
  10. Suggest girls add their numbers together and try to reach a new team goal.

Personal goal-setting

  1. Share with girls how much money they need to earn this cookie season to reach the group goals they voted on at a previous meeting.
  2. Ask the girls how they will go about determining how many packages they need to sell to reach their goal.
  3. Divide the amount of money needed by the amount earned per package.
  4. Using paper and pencil or calculators, the girls calculate how many packages they need to sell.
  5. The girls then decide on how many boxes each of them is going to sell to help the group reach this goal.
  6. Write this number down on a piece of paper, so that they can use it when making their goal hanger.

Record it

  1. Give each girl a copy of the goal hanger template, some writing and coloring supplies and scissors. Invite them to write their goals inside their flowers:
       - Write the team “fun and learning” goal inside the smiley face flower
       - Write the team “helping others” service goal inside the helping hands flower
       - Write their personal cookie package goal inside the cookie flower (the number of cookie packages a girl plans to sell to help her team reach the “fun and learning” goal and the “helping others” goal.

Create it

  1. Invite the girls to cut out their goal hanger template, along with the flowers below it, and goal tracker template (and if using option two then suggest that they cut their flowers out as well).
  2. Allow girls to select a colorful piece construction paper.
  3. Ask girls to glue their flower garden to the colored paper.
  4. Girls can now color and decorate their flower garden.  
  5. Give each girl a CD case and a ribbon. Show girls how to attach the ribbon to the back of the case with tape or glue. 
  6. Show girls how to slide their finished flower garden into the cover of the CD case.
  7. Allow girls to place their CD trackers inside the case. Place one in the CD holder on the right side of the open case, and place the other one on the left side of the case.
  8. Use tape or school glue to hold them into place if desired.

Achieve it

  1. At home, the goal hanger becomes a great goal reminder and tracking device that also keeps families involved. 
  2. Girls will want to share their goals with their family and talk about plans that will help them to reach those goals.
  3. Suggest girls hang their goal hangers on their bedroom door handle.
  4. Show girls how to use the trackers inside the CD to help them track and achieve their goals. Invite them to color in one section for each box of cookies that they sell. As they fill up rows of fives, girls can count by fives to total up the number of packages they have sold towards their goal!