Little Brownie Bakers

Girl Scout safety band

Girl Scout Daisies tune into safety with the loud and lively Girl Scouts safety band and safety song. It’s a fun and musical way to teach important safety lessons that will last.



  1. Give each girl a small paper cup and five beads, buttons or pebbles.
  2. Discuss safety rules with girls.
       - Always sell with an adult.
       - Only call people on the telephone with a grown-up’s permission.
       - Wear your Girl Scout identification.
       - Never tell anyone your full name or where you live.
       - Ask an adult to help with forms and money.
  3. Ask girls why they think each rule is important.
  4. After discussing each rule, the girls can put a bead or pebble into their cup

Add a beat

  1. After all the rules have been discussed, guide the girls as they make a shaker by using a rubber band to secure a piece of wax paper to the top of the cup.
  2. Provide girls with copies of the safety song.
  3. Girls sing the song as they keep the beat with their handmade instruments.

Invite an audience

  1. Sing the song together as often as possible during Cookie Season to help girls remember the safety rules. 
  2. Invite the girls to perform at the family meeting.

Girl Scout safety song (sung to the tune of “You are My Sunshine”)
We’re selling cookies
Yes, Girl Scout cookies,
And we’ll be safe as
We make our way.
We always show that
We are the Girl Scouts,
And we only sell during the day.
We sell with buddies
And not by ourselves.
We never enter
Homes as we go.
We never give out
Our names and numbers
And we let our adults hold the dough
We’re selling cookies
Yes, Girl Scout cookies
And as we do so
We’ll all have fun
But as we reach for
Our goal this season
We’ll keep safety number one.