Little Brownie Bakers

Flying frenzy

Ideas take flight as Girl Scout Juniors set goals and learn to arrive at consensus. Encourage girls to set two kinds of group activity goals. What can we do with our cookie money to help others? What can we do with our cookie money for fun and learning?


  • Paper plates
  • Markers
  • Goal poster
  • Poster board
  • Old magazines
  • Glue sticks


  1. Invite girls to identify categories of things they might like to do with their cookie money and write each category on a separate paper plate. Categories might include entertainment, outdoor adventure or city attractions. Save specific suggestions (visiting Savannah, seeing the Lion King) for the next step. If the group has not yet chosen a service goal for the season, suggest one plate be a “service” category.
  2. Pass out markers and ask the girls to spread out. Begin tossing the plates Frisbee-style to the girls. When a girl catches (or picks up) one of the plates, she must think of an idea for the category, write it on the plate and toss the plate to another girl. Encourage the girls to read the ideas on the plate before they write their own.
  3. Continue until ideas have been exhausted and the plates are full.

For discussion

  1. To decide on a goal, invite the girls to use a process other than voting. Using a “thumbs up or thumbs down” method of voting allows girls to choose a goal everyone agrees upon. 
  2. As a girl reads each idea aloud, the other girls use hand signals to express their feelings about the idea. They have three response options:  
       Thumbs up. You think it’s a great idea!
       Thumbs down. You do not like the idea and would like more discussion before agreeing to it.
       Make a fist. This is a neutral vote, you don’t love the idea, but you don’t hate it either. You can live with it.
  3. Record the votes on the paper plates, next to each idea.
  4. You may want to suggest that girls do not use the thumbs down vote more than half of the time, so that you do not have a girl that votes down every idea except her own.
  5. Ideally those that receive a thumbs down vote will be eliminated.
  6. Once consensus has been reached on some ideas, encourage girls to come up with ways to narrow them down even further and to finally choose their goal. 
  7. If consensus is difficult because one girl does not like an idea, ask if any changes can be made to the goal to accommodate her.
  8. Ask a girl volunteer to record the decision on the goal poster.
  9. Congratulate the girls on their teamwork!

Group vision board activity

  1. Encourage girls to create a group vision board for their cookie goals
  2. Explain that a vision board is a visual reminder that inspires you to reach your goal
  3. Invite girls to find pictures or words in magazines that represent either goal, and create a collage on a poster board. Girls can also draw their own pictures and words.
  4. Display the girls’ cookie vision board in the meeting space for inspiration. Girls may want to take a picture of it to carry with them, or display the board at booth sales.