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eBudde™ App

Newly updated for 2021-2022!

The must-have app for volunteers in the Girl Scout Cookie Program® now has added functionality. Whether you support girls as they participate virtually or in-person, the eBudde™ App has everything you need to manage your cookie season.

The eBudde App is free and available to troop and service unit volunteers in the cookie program, as well as cupboard and delivery station clerks.

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Power at your fingertips

Access the powerful desktop features of eBudde right from your mobile device. A helpful dashboard and menu let you manage the whole Girl Scout Cookie Season wherever and whenever you want.

Improved scheduling and pickup

From coordinating pickup of your initial order at a contactless delivery station to restocking at a Girl Scout Cookie™ cupboard, the eBudde App is ready to support your transactions all season long.

Integration with Digital Cookie®

Because the eBudde App has been developed to work with Girl Scouts’ Digital Cookie, families stay in the know about their Girl Scouts’ initial orders. 

Quick access to features and support

Navigating the features of the eBudde App is a snap. With a streamlined dashboard and simple buttons, you can quickly access everything from calendar dates to historic data. With just a touch, you can:

Manage orders and rewards

  • Track Girl Scout Cookie™ orders for traditional and digital sales 
  • Send emails directly to parents or guardians from the troop
  • Check progress toward rewards goals
  • Submit your final initial order to your council  
  • Place orders for girl rewards and never miss a deadline

Manage inventory and deliveries

  • Identify contactless delivery stations
  • Select when and where you pick up your order
  • Review all cookie transactions, from your Initial Order to cookie cupboard pickups
  • Update cookie pickup status
  • Adjust cupboard slots and number of users
  • Find troops in your area that have extra cookies

View reports

  • Review generic proceeds in Troop Proceeds Summary Report
  • Retrieve parent or guardian emails from Rewards Reports
  • View Sales & Payments data so girls can track progress

Sign up for booth sales

  • See what in-person booth locations are available from your council
  • Request approval for a custom booth sale site for your troop

Get help anytime

  • Watch training videos and get assistance — right from within the app

To keep up with the latest council news, you can opt in to receive text notifications on your mobile phone. Use the calendar to manage dates and deadlines, and review your troop checklist to stay on track throughout the season.

Cupboards and delivery stations

Cupboard and delivery station clerks can also use the eBudde App to manage their schedules and release cookie orders to volunteers.