Little Brownie Bakers

Cookie Rookies and Cookie Captains

Everyone benefits when girls work together in the Girl Scout Cookie Program®! Girls who return year after year can help lift up girls who are just starting out—and together they build something special. There are resources here for all levels.

Girl Scouts® Cookie Rookies

Girls who are new to the program can quickly gain confidence and grow their skills. This resource helps girls discover everything they need to know to get started.

Younger girls will:

  • Discover booth essentials and safety rules
  • Learn how to set goals and reach them
  • Enjoy a fun training video that covers the basics

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Girl Scouts® Cookie Captains

Teens who’ve been successful Girl Scout Cookie™ entrepreneurs are ready to enhance their success. This resource helps them level up their skills while learning to give back as mentors to girls who are just starting out in the program.

Older girls can:

  • Identify strategies and best practices they can share as role models
  • Find opportunities for service hours
  • Watch a training video designed for teens 

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