Little Brownie Bakers

Cookie puzzles

Girl Scout Juniors will love solving and creating word puzzles as they brush up on their cookie knowledge.


Fun with puzzles

  1. Pass out copies of the cookie crossword puzzle and invite the girls to solve it.
  2. When they have finished, go over the answers as a group.
  3. Give each girl a blank piece of paper or graph paper and a cookie flyer.
  4. Discuss the information included in the flyer. What kinds of facts do the girls notice? What information is most important to a cookie customer?
  5. Invite the girls to create a variety of word puzzles with the information. They can create word searches, jumbles, crossword puzzles, riddles, fill-in-the-blank sentences or cookie stories.
  6. Encourage girls to use an online puzzle-making site to create a crossword puzzle.
  7. Make copies of the puzzles that the girls created and invite the girls to assemble cookie puzzle books.
  8. For a fun mentoring project, girls can share their books with some Girl Scout Brownies.