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Cookie House Party

Want to sell cookies by the case?
Host a Cookie House Party!

Cookie House Party

Note: Cookie House Party materials were created before the outbreak of COVID-19 in the U.S. and has not been updated for the 2020-2021 Girl Scout Cookie Season.

What better way to celebrate the collaborative spirit of the Girl Scout Cookie Program® than to host a cookie-selling house party?! This high-energy, super-fun strategy will help girls take their cookie businesses to new heights by promoting the sale of whole cases of cookies. Girls who have big goals can ask friends, family members and all their favorite cookie customers to make big purchases. The event is big fun for all. Download the Cookie House Party Hostess Guide

Download Resources:

House Party Pitch Planner

House Party Pitch Planner - Spanish Version

House Party Invitation

House Party Invitation - Spanish Version

House Party Thank you card

House Party Placemat

House Party Placemat - Spanish Version

Cookie Sponsor Certificate

Cookie Sponsor Certificate - Spanish Version

DIY House Party Decorations

Cookie House Party Giveaways

Download the Cookie House Party Hostess Guide

Cookie Recipes

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