Little Brownie Bakers

Talent quiz

Take a quiz. Try on a career. What fits you best?

Just like in any business, there’s a lot of work — and many different types of jobs — involved in a successful Girl Scout Cookie Season. Of course, not every job is fun all the time. But when your job fits your talents and interests, you’re likely to do well, be happy and go far.

Have you thought about what kind of career you’d like to have? Now is a great time to try on a job and see if it fits you.

Talent Search is calling!

  1. Print out and take the Talent Search Survey.
  2. When you’re done, record your results on the Talent Table. Do you agree with the results?
  3. Check out the Cookie Career Profiles. The survey is just one way to think about your talents. Trust your gut. What feels like a good fit?
  4. Talk to your friends about their results. Review the tasks you need to do as a group and how your talents might come into play. Decide how you can best form a superstar team of powerful talents!