Little Brownie Bakers

Gotta get goals

Goal setting is one of the essential life skills girls learn through participation in the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. This season, girls are finding new and creative ways to reach their goals whatever the circumstances — while having fun along the way. Girl Scout Cookie™ entrepreneurs have got this!

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Do you have a college or job goal?

Put your Girl Scout Cookie™ achievements on your résumé. Your experience with Girl Scout Cookies® gives you a “real-world” advantage over other candidates. Talk it up!

You decide your goal! Write it down and make a plan for reaching it.

For more than 100 years, the Girl Scout Cookie Program® has been led by girls — girls who are bold, courageous and confident. Girl Scouts in troops across the country have been building on this legacy and having fun along the way. 

Looking for cookie season resources?

Our Climb With Courage Toolkit has virtual meeting backgrounds, social media shareables and more! Volunteers can assist cookie entrepreneurs in finding resources to help you reach goals.

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