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Good marketing is based on research. That’s how the pros guide their marketing plans. As a Girl Scout Cookie™ entrepreneur, you have access to the powerful research conducted among your network of cookie customers. Check out these Top Marketing Research Facts and pump up your Girl Scout Cookie Season.

FACT 1: The number-one reason people don’t buy Girl Scout Cookies®? They were never asked!

Strategy: Ask customers for online orders using Digital Cookie®. Ask your parents for help with email addresses.

FACT 2: Customers are eager for their favorites because they can only buy Girl Scout Cookies once a year.

Strategy: Suggest customers buy by the case and stock up for the whole year with enough to freeze for later. Offer a large zip-top freezer bag with large purchases. Remind customers that the cookies make perfect gifts and party food.  

FACT 3: Customers buy cookies because they want to support Girl Scouting. 

Strategy: Always tell your customers about your goals. Customers want to help you succeed!  

FACT 4: Girl Scout Cookie customers are loyal purchasers who buy every year. 

Strategy: Contact your customers from last year. Save your order card for next year so you can return to your customers and ask them again.  

FACT 5: When customers are asked multiple times, they buy multiple boxes. 

Strategy: Ask, ask and ask again. Include a thank-you when cookies are delivered with details on how customers can buy more. If you have cookies left over at the end of the season, call back customers who bought those varieties and ask if they’d like more.

FACT 6: Customers sometimes buy fewer cookie packages because of diet issues.

Strategy: Ask your troop volunteer about Girl Scouts® Gift of Caring options. Offer customers the opportunity to purchase cookies that your troop will have delivered to a charity or community agency. Show customers an illustration of how many cookies are being donated. 

FACT 7: Customers buy more when girls suggest multiple packages.

Strategy: With decorative ribbon, tie up three packages to create bundles such as a “Chocolate Lovers Pack” or “Classic Bundle.” Show photos of these to encourage multiple sales. You can include free handmade gift cards, if you wish.

FACT 8: Customers want to feel they are getting the best value possible for their money.

Strategy:  Print out recipes and offer one free with the purchase of multiple packages. Attach an appropriate recipe to each bundle of cookies. It’s a lot of fun to create attractive recipe booklets to give away with larger purchases.

Facts source: Girl Scout Cookies Consumer Insights, a national study sponsored by Little Brownie Bakers’

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