Little Brownie Bakers

5 steps to success

Have a great Girl Scout Cookie Season by following these five simple steps!

1Get started by watching a video on the Little Brownie Bakers® YouTube page. You can see how Girl Scout Cookie™ entrepreneurs reach their goals. Plus, you’ll learn awesome selling tips along the way.

Online videos are ready-to-go meetings!

cookie rookie

First time selling Girl Scout Cookies®? Check out Girl Scouts® Cookie Rookie. You’ll learn all about the cookie names, how to ask customers to buy and more. 

Visit our Online Games page and put fun at your fingertips!

2Goal setting is one of the most valuable life skills you can have. It’s fun to pick a goal and then take the steps to reach it. What goals will your group have this year? Set two types of goals: something you and your friends would like to try and something you can do to help others.

meeting3Share your plans and goals with your family. They want to help!

goal sign4Get ideas and resources from Girl Scouts® and Little Brownie Bakers®! View and download Girl Scouts’ Step-by-Step Virtual Cookie Booth Guide on Also, you’ll find more tips and techniques in the Climb With Courage Toolkit from Little Brownie. 


jumping5When you track your results, you'll find new ways to reach success. And when you reach your goal, be sure to celebrate, thank customers and share your stories.

Make your own goal T-shirt.

Have fun and, remember, always follow the safety rules for selling Girl Scout Cookies®!