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What’s your cookie personality? 

Your favorite Girl Scout Cookie™ might tell a lot about your personality. What’s your favorite cookie? What’s your friend’s favorite? 

Adventurefuls Cookie

If you love Adventurefuls™, you might be daring, curious and determined. 

Do-Si-Dos Cookie

If you’re devoted to Do-si-dos®, you might be passionate, empathetic and kind.

Lemon-Ups Cookie

If you get pumped up for Lemon-ups®, you might be upbeat, loyal and friendly.

Thin Mints Cookie

If you’re fond of Thin Mints®, you might be bold, strong and confident.


If you have a soft spot for Samoas®, you might be brave, curious and innovative.


If you can’t get enough of Tagalongs®, you might be artistic, creative and driven.


If Trefoils® are your cup of tea, you might be supportive, considerate and optimistic

Girl Scout Smores

If you always want more Girl Scout S’mores®, you might be enthusiastic, resourceful and honest.


If you think Toffee-tastic® cookies are fantastic, you might be ambitious, original and courageous.