Little Brownie Bakers

Nicole, top cookie seller

Nicole Cookie SellerNicole is a Cadette from Girl Scouts of Colorado (GSCO), and she has been a Girl Scout since she was 5 years old. Nicole likes trying new things and looks forward to exciting experiences, such as camping and making new friends.

Nicole also loves being part of the GSCO’s Outdoor Adventure Club, which has given her the opportunity to get out into the wilderness and participate in and master activities like rock climbing. She was featured in in an article titled, “The Girl Scouts Is Raising Our Next Generation of Rippers.”

As a Girl Scout Junior, Nicole earned the Girl Scout Bronze Award for making “birthday bags” for Tri-Lakes Cares, a volunteer-supported resource center in Colorado that works to “improve people’s lives through emergency, self-sufficiency and relief programs.” She is working toward earning her Silver Award by making cat trees for a local animal shelter.

When she’s not out exploring nature or giving to her local community, Nicole likes to get creative with origami sculptures. Girl Scouts World Thinking Day on February 22 sparked her interest in origami, which she says is now a lifelong passion.

Many of Nicole’s experiences through Girl Scouting have been powered by the Girl Scout Cookie Program®, and Nicole has really taken the lead in running her cookie business. She sold more than 2,500 boxes of cookies during the 2016-2017 season using every tool at her disposal. Here’s what she has to say about her success as a cookie entrepreneur:

Do you see yourself as a cookie entrepreneur?
 “Yes, I do. I am ALWAYS selling during cookie season, and I am always ready to take orders.” 

How so you sell cookies? Digital Cookie™, booths and/or in person?
“I sell cookies in a variety of different ways. Every year, I email most of my relatives and family friends the day cookie season starts, and give them a link to my Digital Cookie site so that they can order cookies or donate some to the military. I do a lot of door-to-door selling at the start of cookie season, when very few people have bought any, and then I do more booths at the end of the season.

“I like doing personal ‘My Site’ booths at places that get a lot of business. Another thing I started doing this year was making personalized videos for 60 different people that I know, and sharing them, privately, with the people on Facebook. It took a long time, but I got several sales from it … The DOC (Digital Order Card) has helped improve my sales tremendously for those people who may not have available cash on them but want to make a purchase or donation.”

Do you have any favorite marketing strategies?
 I have two popular marketing strategies that I frequently use. The first is that when people ask me how much cookies cost, I tell them four dollars a box or five (boxes) for 20 (dollars). People tend to remember the last thing that they hear. The second strategy is that if someone says that they can't eat cookies, I tell them that they can donate some to the military. It really boosts sales.”