Little Brownie Bakers

Make your own goal T-shirt

Customers want to know about your goals so they can help you reach them. Express yourself with a cool T-shirt design. It’s like a giant billboard for your dreams!

Lead with your goal

First, set a goal for your Take Action project. What can your group do with your cookie money to help others?

Design with your imagination

Next, design your T-shirt.  A good way to start is with the sentence, “I’m selling GS cookies to…” and then writing your goal.

You can use a plain T-shirt, fabric markers and simple decorations. Try sewing or gluing on some shiny sequins for added flair. Encourage everyone to use the same color shirts – like green or white – so your entire group can show Girl Scout spirit!

Of course, you could use an online T-shirt printer or a local shop that does commercial printing instead.

Talk up your goal

Customers love hearing about your plans for your cookie money. Let them know exactly how your Take Action project will benefit the community long after the last cookie crumb is gone.

Have fun, make a great T-shirt and let your cookie customers share in your success!