Little Brownie Bakers

How to sell more

When you know more, you can sell more

If you’re making your friend a birthday card and you know her favorite color is blue, what color marker would you use? Blue, of course! She’ll love it!

In the same way, when you know what Girl Scout Cookie™ customers like, you can sell more cookies. Check out these seven cookie customer facts. How can you use one, two or more?

If you know…

Then you might…

FACT 1: The number one reason people don’t buy Girl Scout Cookies®? They were never asked!

Ask customers for online orders using Digital Cookie®. Ask your parents for help with email addresses.

FACT 2: Customers buy cookies because they want to support Girl Scouting.

Always tell your customers about your goals. Write about your goals when you email your Digital Cookie® link. Or, take a photo wearing your goal T-shirt. Remember, always follow the safety rules for selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Share how easy it is to buy Girl Scout Cookies from your Digital Cookie® site with the social images on this site.

FACT 3: Girl Scout Cookie customers usually buy every year.

Save your order card for next year so you can return to your customers and ask them again.

FACT 4: When customers are asked multiple times, they buy multiple boxes.

Ask, ask and ask again. When your customers make a purchase, consider sending a thank-you note with a reminder of how they can buy more.

FACT 5: Customers sometimes buy fewer cookies because of diet issues.

Tell customers how they can donate cookies through your council’s Girl Scouts® Gift of Caring option. Customers buy cookies that you send to a charity or community group.

FACT 6: Customers buy more when you suggest they buy more.

With pretty ribbon, tie up three packages to create bundles such as “Chocolate Lovers Pack” or “Classic Bundle.” It’s fun to give away free handmade gift cards, too.

FACT 7: Customers want to know they are getting a good deal.

Print out recipes and offer free recipe cards when customers buy more than one package.


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