Little Brownie Bakers

Cookie coaching

Just like the first time she threw a ball, your Girl Scout will need some coaching to learn new skills and achieve success. But let her take the lead. Good coaching is encouragement and guidance. Never do anything for your Girl Scout that she can do for herself.

If she says: Here’s the order card. Will you just write a check?

Consider saying: How exciting! This will be like running your very own business. What goals are you trying to reach? I’ll support you in finding lots of customers.

If she says: I don’t know anyone who wants to buy cookies.

Consider saying: Many businesses sell to people they don’t know. Let’s brainstorm some ideas for cookie customers.

If she says: I don’t want to ask people to buy cookies. Will you do it?

Consider saying: The more you do it, the easier it gets. Let’s practice. Pretend like I’m a customer. Tell me about your goals and ask me to buy cookies.

If she says: Will you sell cookies at work for me?

Consider saying: Let’s make a poster that tells everyone about your goals. I’ll also help you create your own personalized Digital Cookie® site, so your customers can order from you online. 

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