Little Brownie Bakers

One Family’s Cookie Story

How the Girl Scout Cookie Program® brings families together

Abby belongs to Troop 653 in the Arizona Cactus-Pine Council, and she loves selling Girl Scout Cookies®. She once set a record for the most cookies ever sold in her council.

Abby, who has Down’s Syndrome, started selling cookies when she was a young girl involved in Girl Scouts. At first, she needed to use sign language to ask for the sale. Now, she can ask customers verbally and talk eloquently about which cookie is her favorite.

"Abby was able to get up every Saturday and Sunday morning very early and hit the booths and she just kept at it," said her mother, Alison. "She was attentive. She stayed at her post and kept selling cookies even after she hit the two thousand mark. She kept selling and kept selling."

 Abby remembers exactly the number she finally reached: "I sold 4,442 boxes of cookies."

Just as her family has supported her in overcoming challenges in reaching developmental milestones, they have supported her in the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. Her mom and dad helped manage the money and keep the boxes organized. Her sister and brother assisted by carrying the cases of cookies from the car and helping set up the booth. Plus, her entire family spread the word to friends, teachers and co-workers.

Abby and her family worked together to make a large yard sign to advertise her cookies.

"We always post a big sign in the yard that says Girl Scout Cookies available here," explained Abby’s mom. 

In addition to earning the top-seller award in her council, Abby reached an additional goal of trying something new. With her cookie money, she was able to go horseback riding at the Grand Canyon.