Little Brownie Bakers

Behind every cookie is a girl with goals.

What are your hopes for your Girl Scout? Certainly, you want her to make good decisions. Know how to manage money. And how to set and reach goals, like attending college. The Girl Scout Cookie Program® helps her succeed today and prepares her for future success. There’s a good reason it’s a beloved family tradition.

There are so many fun ways that families can get involved in the Girl Scout Cookie Season! Find resources from Little Brownie on this website and on Girl Scouts' website.

Girl Scouts:
• Information on Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin on
• Cookie Family Connection Guide on

Little Brownie:
• Virtual and in-person resources in our Cookie Sale Toolkit in the Volunteers section

With these helpful resources, and you by her side, she'll have the confidence to make this a great season — all while developing essential skills.