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Cookie Club Signup!

Cookie Club

Sign girls up for Cookie Club!

Cookie Club is the safe and easy way to help girls boost their sales and reach their goals. Girls use email to ask customers to place online orders – plus they set goals and track their progress. Customers order more cookies online than they do any other way!

It's safe!

Cookie Club orders are recorded automatically in the girl's Cookie Club account. No personal information is ever revealed.

It's fun!

Because Cookie Club is built especially for girls ages 12 and under, it's colorful and entertaining.

It takes you!

Each adult volunteer must sign her group up for Cookie Club. It takes just a few minutes, but it can make a world of difference to your group's sale.

Start now! Or learn more here about how it works:

  1. The adult volunteer signs up the group in Cookie Club and creates a password for each girl (easy, step-by-step directions on the site).
  2. Parents sign and return the Cookie Club permission forms and create accounts for girls.
  3. After passing the online safety certification, girls learn about goals and send eCards to family and friends asking for online cookie orders.
  4. As the orders are returned, girls watch the cookie boxes automatically stack up in their Cookie Club goal trackers. Volunteers can track the progress of the whole group.
  5. Girls submit the orders (which must be reviewed and signed by a parent or guardian) along with their order cards.
  6. Girls fulfill online orders in the traditional manner, personally delivering cookies and collecting payment. Please note: Girls and their families are not allowed to accept online payments.

Help girls safely learn the power of internet marketing – with Cookie Club!