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Customers love to buy cookies when they can eat them right away. That’s why cookie booths – set up in front of groceries, at sporting events, or in other high-traffic areas – are so successful. Girls will have lots of fun setting up their “store” and talking to customers.

Stock up on cookies
Which cookie varieties should you order to stock your booths? Your council may have information on what customers in your area usually buy. Generally speaking, the two biggest sellers are Thin Mints® and Samoas®. You’ll want to order extra of these.

Get powerful tech support
As a troop volunteer, you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. That’s why Little Brownie Bakers® is extra committed to putting tools at your fingertips to make life easier. 


eBudde™ Troop App – New!
Our eBudde Troop App has been developed to help volunteers manage cookie orders—in real time, on the go. Built into the app are all the best parts of the eBudde cookie management software, including ordering capabilities. Go to the iTunes App Store or Google Play to download the app. To learn more about the app, watch this video.

Specialty Cookie Calculator
The Little Brownie Cookie Calculator makes it easy to total cookie orders, even when cookie prices vary. The calculator is part of the Booth Sale Recorder app, available via iTunes and Google Play. You can also access the calculator from eBudde. To learn more about this helpful tool, watch this video.

Tap your volunteers
Volunteers who may not be comfortable on a camping trip might be eager to help by chaperoning a cookie booth for a couple of hours. Make sure volunteers are spreading the work around so no one is doing it all. Be sure they know the safety rules.

Practice booth etiquette
Every booth has a sponsor, such as the store where the booth is located. Remind girls to arrive promptly for their assigned time and let the manager know they have arrived. Check all sponsor rules regarding where and how the girls can sell. Thank the manager when the sale is over.

Put girls in the lead
Make sure everyone knows that girls make the sale and answer questions – not the adults. Girls should know the cookies and make change as much as they are able. Keep in mind that there should be more girls than adults at the booth. However, adults should keep track of the money container.

Help them stand out
With a cookie booth, girls are learning the power of marketing. Coach them how to talk to customers and encourage them to make their booth a standout with ideas such as these.

Update info for Cookie Locator
Customers may be using their mobile phones to find your cookie booth! With the Cookie Locator, they can search for cookie sales online or on their smartphones. This information comes from the Booth Scheduler in eBudde. Be sure to keep your booth information up to date so Cookie Locator sends out accurate information to customers.

Think beyond the “booth”
A cookie booth doesn’t have to be a table set up in front of the grocery. Maybe girls would like to decorate a car or van and take the sale on the road. Or, maybe they will sell with wagons through the neighborhood. Girls will have lots of ideas. Just ask them!

Promote Gift of Caring
With Gift of Caring (English, Spanish) or other council-supported cookie donation programs, Girl Scouts® can deliver donated Girl Scout Cookies® to make a difference in our community or to thank those who already do.  Girls or Councils choose an organization they want to benefit and give customers the opportunity to purchase cookies as a donation. 

Check with your council for council-specific programs or guidelines.  Hang posters (English A, Spanish A, English B, Spanish B) at your cookie booth, and set up a donation box (example, flap art) and tally chart to get the word out!

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