Little Brownie Bakers

5 steps to success

Follow the five steps to cookie success and have lots of fun along the way.

Help girls get ready by selecting learning activities that fit their experiences and interests.

1 Kick off the cookie season

Online videos are ready-to-go meetings

Cookies Live Videos are engaging, interactive shows that inspire girls to reach high goals. Girls learn selling tips and have loads of fun along the way.

Cookie RookieFirst time sellers love Cookie Rookie. Made especially for young girls, this show teaches cookie names, how to ask customers to buy and more essential skills.

Turn teens into Cookie Captains. Keep experienced teens interested in the cookie program and give them a chance to give back with the Cookie Captain program. Older girls love being mentors to Cookie Rookies.

Visit our Online Games page and put cookie fun at your fingertips!

2 Set goals and track progress

goalsWhen you help girls set high goals for the cookie season, they learn an important skill for life. Encourage girls to set two types of goals: Something they’d like to try and something they can do to help others. Visit the Volunteer Blog for goal-setting games and crafts.



3 Hold a family meeting

familyHold a short family meeting so girls can tell their families about their goals and ask for assistance. At the meeting, adults can complete permission forms and sign up to help.

Show an inspiring video about why families value the cookie program, available here.


4 Sell beyond family and friends

helpFor girls to reach high goals, they will need to expand their circle of customers. Don’t worry, customers are eagerly looking for their favorite Girl Scout Cookies. We have loads of selling tips, learning activities and crafts for girls on the Cookie Rallies and Activities for girls pages.

Host a Cookie House Party!
This high-energy, super-fun strategy will help girls take their cookie businesses to new heights by promoting the sale of whole cases of cookies. Girls who have big goals can ask friends, family members and all their favorite cookie customers to make big purchases. The event is big fun for all. Download the Cookie House Party Hostess Guide

5 Celebrate and share your success

girls jumpWhen girls reach their goals, celebrate! Thank customers and share their stories, maybe by posting on the Samoas Cookies Facebook page.

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