Little Brownie Bakers

Savvy and social

Get savvy with social media

Tell your Facebook friends and Twitter and Instagram followers that you can take their Girl Scout Cookie™ orders online with the Digital Cookie® platform. They can pay online, and Girl Scout Cookies® will be delivered to their door.

Here’s how to maximize your social networks:

  • Decorate your pages using the cookie artwork.
  • Post your goals and give regular updates so everyone knows how close you are to reaching them.
  • Share recipes so customers buy the cookie varieties they need to make them.
  • Link to a YouTube video, Pinterest page or Flickr photo album about cookies and share your goals with your Girl Scout friends.
  • Ask adults you know to announce it’s Girl Scout Cookie Season on their own social networks, such as LinkedIn.

Make sure your friends understand that online requests are a commitment like those you write on your order card. Also, always follow the safety rules for selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Text-a-Thon: Place ur ordr 2day
Choose a Saturday and call or text everyone you know to place their cookie orders.

Ask everyone you talk to if they know anyone else who wants cookies. Your contacts will grow exponentially! (Remember: Don’t give out your contact information to strangers.)


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