Little Brownie Bakers

Savvy and social

Get savvy with social media

Tell your Facebook friends and Twitter and Instagram followers that you can take their cookie orders online. Remember, you must still collect payment and deliver the cookies in person. Ask them: How many? What kind? How do you want to be contacted when cookies arrive? Write these online requests on your printed order card.

Here’s how to maximize your social networks!

  • Decorate your pages using the cookie artwork.
  • Announce your cookie booth times and locations.
  • Post your goals and give regular updates so everyone knows how close you are to reaching them.
  • Give out recipes so customers buy the cookie varieties they need to make them.
  • Link to a YouTube video or Flickr photo album about cookies and your goals with your Girl Scout friends.
  • Ask adults you know to announce it’s Cookie Season on their own social networks, such as LinkedIn.

Make sure your friends understand that online requests are a commitment like those you write on your order card. Only take requests from people you know are willing to pay. Also consider if you will be able to deliver the cookies and receive payment in person.

Text-a-Thon: Place ur ordr 2day

Choose a Saturday and gather for a text-a-thon. Call or text everyone you know to place their cookie orders.

Here are some tips:

  • Bring along all your contacts and order forms.
  • Ask everyone you talk to if they know anyone else who wants cookies. Your contacts will grow exponentially! (Remember: Don’t give out your contact information to strangers.)
  • Make it a party by playing fun background music, ordering pizza or bringing snacks to share.
  • Cell phones not an option? See if a school or office will give you permission to use their multiple phone lines for an old-school telethon.