Little Brownie Bakers

Rock your sale

Rock your sale with an awesome plan

Want a great sale? Make a plan. Then make it happen. Here are the four basic parts of the season– along with some resources to help you out. 

1. Plan to rock it

  • Set your goals
  • Plan your Cookie Season

Tools that can help:

2. Take orders. Lots of them.

  • Contact customers from previous year’s order card
  • Contact family and friends
  • Take orders door-to-door
  • Contact local businesses for sales – suggest they buy by the case
  • Send out text messages to everyone you know
  • Use Cookie Club to take online orders
  • Make use of Facebook and other social media

Tools that can help:

3. Go another round

  • If your council permits post-initial order taking, continue to take orders after the ordering deadline.
  • Carry your order card with you at all times.

4. Sell with cookies in hand

  • Have booth sales
  • Call customers back two weeks before the sale ends to ask for additional orders
  • Have a Cookie Walkabout, going  door-to-door with cookies available at that time
  • Send eCards reminding customers it’s their last chance to buy until next year  (All Gone: gif, jpg, swf) (Cookie Time: gif, jpg, swf) (Reach Goal: gif, jpg, swf)

Tools that can help: