Little Brownie Bakers

Customers nationwide pledge to buy One More Box

Feb. 8, 2013, 8:19 a.m.

Starting on National Girl Scout Cookie Day on Feb. 8, cookie customers are making Facebook pledges to buy One More Box to help girls reach their goals. They are also on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram telling the world their reasons for buying #onemorebox.

Girl Scout cookie fans across the country know that when they buy their favorite treats they’re supporting a great cause. Customers often say they will buy One More Box... support a girl’s goals. help a soldier. say thanks to hometown heroes. support the women and children’s center.

This social media campaign is intended to remind customers of the importance of the Girl Scout Cookie Program and its impact on their local communities. With increased public awareness, girls will find eager customers, and it will be easier for them to reach their cookie-selling goals. Little Brownie Bakers has provided themed resources and selling tips on the Volunteer Blog.   

Because all cookie proceeds stay in the local Girl Scout council, this unprecedented campaign could significantly impact individual girls and the support of local programs and facilities. 

Please help girls spread the word. Show your support by taking the “pledge.”