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Love Blooms as Girl Scout Daisies Are Remembered

Jan. 16, 2013, 8:39 p.m.

Keeping the Girl Scout Daisies in our Hearts

Girls Scouts are among the first to help when tragedy strikes. However, there is little anyone can do to help those who lost children and friends in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14.

Eight Girl Scout Daisies and the sons of two Girl Scout families died as a result of the shootings.

Yet, even in the face of unfathomable pain and loss, even with the knowledge they cannot change the course of past events, Girl Scouts young and old from all over the country are taking action.

They post hugs and prayers on Facebook. They share virtual green memorial candles. They send poetry and teddy bears. They make memorial ribbons and greeting cards. They hold vigils. And they mail thousands and thousands of hand-decorated trefoils bearing heartfelt messages of love and support.

In mid-January, those trefoils were presented to the Girl Scouts of Connecticut’s Newton Service Unit. Through the trefoils, girls across the country are reaching out to their sister Girl Scouts with words of encouragement, often written with painstaking care in crayon, marker, paint and glitter. The volume and sincerity of this creative outpouring is certain to deliver a clear message of care and solidarity.

In keeping with the longstanding tradition of supporting worthy causes, Girl Scouts also are donating funds to the Sandy Hook Girl Scout Campership Fund. Girl Scouts of Connecticut set up this fund in honor of the lost Girl Scout Daisies. Donations will make it possible for girls with financial need to attend Girl Scout Summer Camp.

The Washington Post reports that one Girl Scout Daisy troop has been reduced from 10 members to five and another has shrunk from five to two. According to the article, two 16-year-old Girl Scout friends plan to mentor the remaining girls in the two affected troops.

On the Girl Scouts of Connecticut Facebook page, messages continue to pour in -- from California and New Jersey, from Louisiana and Michigan, from Florida and Hawaii, and from everywhere in between as well as several other countries:

“My daughter just decided to donate $20, $1 for each child.”

“If you need help with the memorial service, we’ll be there in a jiffy.”

“Thoughts and prayers from Girl Guides UK.”

“We are sending a batch of trefoils. Each girl also will perform 26 random acts of kindness in honor of Sandy Hook.”

Girl Scouts understand they cannot change the reality of the horrific events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. But they act on the conviction they can still make a difference.