Little Brownie Bakers

Koala Fun Facts

Anatomy graphic
Koalas aren’t bears ­— they’re marsupials!
Koalas have strong, clawed feet that are perfect for climbing trees.
Just like people, koalas have individual fingerprints.
Koalas have a keen sense of touch and smell.
Koalas can sleep up to 18 hours a day!

Baby Joeys Graphic
A baby koala is called a joey.
Newborns are roughly the size of jelly beans!
Joeys are born blind and earless.
Joeys develop in their mothers’ pouches.
At six months old, joeys travel on their mothers’ backs.

Habitat and Diet
Koalas live in the eucalyptus forests of Australia.
Koalas can eat over two pounds of eucalyptus leaves a day!
Tree clearing and bush fires threaten their environment.



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