Little Brownie Bakers

Cookie Cow Shuffle

These hungry cows are on the mooove, with bellies full of cookie knowledge.

The Cookie Cow Shuffle is an exciting game that helps you learn your cookie facts while having fun! You’ll be more than ready to “name that cookie” after watching the cows shuffle around their field. 

Here is what you will need:
  • • 3 cow cups 
  • • 3 plain white paper cups
  • • Pipe cleaners (3 pink, 3 black, 2 yellow)
  • Cow clip art
  • • 6 googly eyes with eyelashes (or draw them on)
  • • Black permanent marker
  • Cow Shuffle Mat
  • • Glue
  • • Tape
  • • Scissors
  • Cookie Fact Cards
  • • Cardstock paper
  • • Saran wrap
  • • Cookies
How to make the cow cups

Step 1: Stick the googly eyes onto the front of each cup, then attach the flowers and noses. You can either cut out the cow clip art images and glue them on or draw them yourself.

Step 2: Use a black marker to draw cow spots around the cup on the front, sides, back and top. Try to make the spots look the same on all three cups so that it is hard to tell them apart when the cups are shuffled.

Step 3: Poke two holes in the top of each cup for the “horns,” and one hole on each side for the ears (have an adult help you with this step if you need).

Step 4: Take one pink pipe cleaner and push it through one ear hole on the side, and then push it out through the other ear hole. Do the same with a black pipe cleaner. Bend the ends of each pipe cleaner around, making a looped ear shape. Twist the black and pink pipe cleaners together, and poke the ends back through the hole. 

Step 5: Cut the yellow pipe cleaners in half. Take one piece and thread one end through each “horn” hole. Bend each end in half to create each horn - then push the ends back through the holes.

Make a set of Cookie Fact Cards

Print the Cookie Fact Cards on cardstock, and cut them out. Stack them face up with the cookie box card on top (one stack for each cookie variety). Make sure to only use the cookie varieties that your council sells.

Make a cow pasture shuffle mat

Print the shuffle mat and put it together, using the instructions and templates on the linked pages. Ask an adult for help putting together.

How to play

Step 1: To set up your station, place the printed out cow mat on a table and cover it with a clear cover, like saran wrap. Line up cookie boxes on both sides of the mat, and put the stack of Cookie Fact Cards in front of the cookie box that it matches. Place the three cow cups on the mat and put a Samoas under the center cup, and two other cookies under the other two cups. 

Step 2: Invite a girl to play. Lift the center cup to show her the Samoas, and tell her it’s a yummy cookie with coconut, chocolate and caramel. 

Step 3: Tell her to keep her eye on the cow with the Samoas and see if she can find it after the cows wander around the field. 

Step 4: Scoot the cows around the field quickly (without lifting the cups), mixing the cups up.

Step 5:  When you stop, ask the girl to guess which cow is covering the Samoas. If she picks the Samoas, tell her “good job!” If she picks one of the others, say “I don’t think that’s a Samoas - do you know which cookie that is?” Tell her to use the Cookie Fact Cards to help identify and describe it (If the girl is old enough, let her choose a card and read it, if not, let her choose a card for you to read). Change the cookies under the cups every couple shuffles, so that you can learn about all of the different cookies you have to offer!

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