Little Brownie Bakers

Dolphin Snacks

Create a delicious snack inspired by this year's mascot.

Here is what you will need:
  • • Bananas
  • • Berries or other fruit
  • • Cups
  • • Scissors
  • • Markers
  • • Girl Scout Cookies®

Step 1: Wash scissors and fruit.

Step 2: Cut the bananas into 4"-5" lengths, keeping the stalks. To create the dolphin mouth, cut the stalk portion in half lengthwise using scissors and continue about 1" into the main body of the banana.

Step 3: Place the cut banana into the cup with the cut stalk sticking up. Fill the rest of the cup up with fruit of your choice.

Step 4: Use a marker to add eyes.

Step 5: Place a cookie or piece of fruit into the cut stalk to look like the dolphin is carrying it!