Little Brownie Bakers

DIY Butterfly Feeder

Invite butterflies to your yard with this simple DIY feeder.

Here is what you will need:
  • Plate decoration template
  • • Clear plastic plate (upcycled if you can!)
  • • Markers
  • • Clear adhesive contact paper
  • • Three clothespins
  • • String
  • • Optional: decorations such as ribbon or beads

Step 1: Decorate the edges of the plate with markers.

Step 2: Print and cut out the plate decoration template. Place facing down on bottom on plate.

Step 3: Stick the contact paper to the bottom of the clear plate so the design shows through to the top to protect the paper from the weather.

Step 4: Clip three clothespins to the edges of the plate at an equal distance from one another. Tie a piece of string around each of the clothespins, and decorate with beads, ribbons or anything else you’d like.

Step 5: Tie the three strings together at the top and hang it outside over a branch or post. Set small pieces of fruit on the plate, such as oranges, strawberries or peaches–the sweeter the better.

Step 6: Once it’s set up, the butterflies will come flying in!

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