Little Brownie Bakers

Steps to success

Have the best Cookie Season ever by following these five simple steps!

1 Kick off the cookie season

Get started by watching a Cookies Live! video. You can see how real girls like you reach high goals. Plus, you’ll learn awesome selling tips along the way.

cookie rookie

Online videos are ready-to-go meetings

First time selling cookies? Check out Cookie Rookie. This show helps you learn all about cookie names, how to ask customers to buy and more.

Visit our Online Games page and put cookie fun at your fingertips!

2 Set goals and track progress

goalsGoal-setting is one of the most valuable life skills you can have. It’s fun to pick a goal and then take the steps to reach it. What goals will your group have this year? Set two types of goals: Something you and your frineds would like to try and something you can do to help others.



3 Hold a family meeting

meetingShare your plans and goals with your family. They want to help!

  • Practice your sales pitch with family members.
  • Ask your family to help you with online order-taking.
  • Ask family to accompany you when selling and delivering cookies.
  • Ask your parents if you can take orders at their workplaces.

4 Sell beyond family and friends

goal signThink about other hungry cookie customers, such as:

  • Shoppers
  • College students
  • Teachers and coaches
  • Doctors
  • Business people
  • Firefighters and police officers
  • People at your place of worship

5 Celebrate and share your success

jumpingWhen you track your results, you'll find new ways to reach success. And when you reach your goal, be sure to celebrate with your friends, thank customers and share your stories.