Little Brownie Bakers

Bling your booth

Bling your cookie booth!

Banish the boring! If you want to attract lots and lots of customers, it's time to "bling" your cookie booth. Anything fun, bright, colorful, energetic and creative will bring customers running. Just be sure to follow the guidelines set by your booth sponsor.

What kind of bling is your thing? These ideas are just the beginning. 

Power up your posters

Make 'em fun. Make 'em exciting. What will you say? How about...

  • Girl Scout cookies are here!
  • Our cookie goal is…
  • Cookie bundles are bliss!
  • Donate cookies to Gift of Caring

Make it sing

Catchy tunes will catch some attention. Play a recording or sing along with your friends.

Color it bright

Balloons and colorful tablecloths will guarantee you’re not missed! Create savvy signage with a cookie booth overhead sign.

S'mores Table Tent

S'mores Booth Poster


Set an outrageous theme

Maybe your booth will look like a fair or carnival, complete with a corn hole toss. Maybe you’ll create a booth that looks like it should be at Hogwarts. You decide!

Dress for success

Wear cookie costumes or dress up to fit your theme. Maybe you’ll be divas for the day. Or cowgirls. Be sure customers can still see your Girl Scout identification.

Wrap up the fun

Imagine a display of beautifully wrapped bundles of cookies. Each bundle of three boxes is topped with a fun bow. In the center of the table is a pretty platter with free, bite-size cookie samples. What flair! What sales!

Show off your goal poster

How can you make it shine? Customers want to see how sales are stacking up and will help you reach your goals. 

Special thanks to the Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians for their inspiration. This council held the first "Bling Your Booth" competition, and similar booth photo contests are becoming popular in councils nationwide.