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Will your girl be using Cookie Club?

Cookie Club

Ask your girl’s adult volunteer if the group will be using Cookie Club this season. The volunteer must set up girls in the system and provide passwords. Then, your girl can create an account.

Cookie Club is a great idea, even for young girls. It’s a safe, password-protected website where girls can take online orders for Girl Scout cookies and track their progress toward their goals. It’s specially designed for girls 12 and under.

Here are the top five reasons you’ll want to make sure your Girl Scout is a member of the Cookie Club:

  1. She can send emails asking for orders, making it faster and easier for the whole family.
  2. She can take online orders safely.
  3. She will stay excited about her sale as she tracks her progress toward her goals using the fun, online goal-tracker. It looks like a growing stack of cookie boxes!
  4. She will learn that technology can do much more than let her talk to friends and play games. Business technology can help her reach her goals.
  5. Customers order nearly twice as many cookies online than they do in any other way!

Here's what Lalah and her mother have to say about Cookie Club.

Please note: There is now a single version of Cookie Club. In all councils, the adult volunteer must register the group before girls can create accounts. Please consult your adult volunteer or council for more information.