Little Brownie Bakers

Celebrate with Savannah Smiles

No place captures the imaginations of Girl Scouts like Savannah, Georgia.  It was there in 1912 that Juliette Gordon Low started her amazing organization with a telephone call, the English Girl Guide handbook, a handful of badges and her mind bubbling over with the endless possibilities her program could provide for American girls.

Little Brownie Bakers is proud to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of Girl Scouting with a lemon cookie that reflects the heritage of past customer favorites.  This lemon wedge cookie is cool and crisp, with just the right number of lemon chips to deliver tiny bursts of flavor. And, when you hold it right, you’ll quickly be reminded of that world-famous “Brownie Smile.”

Each year, thousands of Girl Scouts visit the founder’s historical home, a National Historic Landmark in Savannah. In the time-worn rooms, each girl considers how, 100 years later, Juliette Low’s story encourages her to dream big and do great things with her life.  

That’s why we are so proud to offer this special cookie that will delight customers and remind girls of their rich heritage and unlimited future.

Happy 100th birthday, Girl Scouts! 

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