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Girls love to discover and explore their world with fun crafts and activities. Here are some ideas to get you started as you guide girls to important lessons this Cookie Season. There are more activity ideas in the girls’ Cool Crafts section.

CATEGORY: Setting group goals

Goal signs on parade goal signs example

Put your goals on parade with these simple signs mounted on paint sticks. Get out the poster board, markers, paint sticks & tape to make these simple goal signs. Engage customers to help you reach your goals when you march your cookie goal messages for all to see, on these hand held placards. Great for marketing messages too!

Cookie Message Ribbon 

Display your goals with this cookie themed message ribbon.

Small file - faster download.  Large file, higher quality images.


World of Good Goal Necklace

Share your cookie goals with a little "character"!

Goal NecklacesCharacter Trio

Make your own goal T-shirt
See how a T-shirt can boost cookie sales, and make your own!

Idea hunt
It’s goal-setting hide-and-seek!

The idea game
Brainstorm to the tune of “One Potato, Two Potato.”

Flying frenzy
The crazy, goal-setting UFO game.

CATEGORY: Setting personal goals

Cookie Message Clip

Share your goals or other cookie-time messages on this handy clip, perfect for securing a pen to your order card!

Cookie Message Clips

"World of Goals" Zipper Pulls

Teach girls how to set "stretch" goals with this cute craft that they can wear as a goal reminder.

Garden of goals (Daisys and Brownies)
A personal goal tracker just for girls.

Goal hangers  (Brownies, Juniors or Cadettes)
Share dreams and goals with this fun and creative craft.

Go for the goal
Explore goal-setting life lessons with this active game.

CATEGORY: Learning safety fundamentals

Safety Pinwheels

Cookie season will be safer when girls learn important lessons with this safety tip embellished pinwheel.

'Safety Tip" Pin Drop

Girls will tune into safety tips as they engage in this pin dropping party game.


Online Safety Hopscotch

Guide girls through this unique game of hopscotch, reviewing tips from GSUSA for safe online access along the way.

Girl Scout safety band
Sing, dance and learn valuable safety rules at the same time.

Safety charades
A fun way to teach safety rules to girls.

Safety talent show
Review cookie safety with some creative flair.

Category: Learning about marketing

Festive Flag Banners Activity

Make it a banner moment with this colorful, versatile signage, great for cookie booths, front yards, trunk sales or office doors.



Super Simple DIY Cookie Costumes

These handcrafted cookie costumes are attention grabbing sale builders. 

3D Donation Displays

Create head-turning, high impact, 3D Gift of Caring drop boxes, and watch donations soar.


Magic Message Maker

Amaze your friends and family with this high impact, interactive marketing piece.

Magic Message Maker

Pencil Topper Cookie Signs 
These easy to make, savvy pencil signs will help get the word out that "It's Cookie Time!"

Hello? Girl Scout Daisies calling!

Teach important phone sales skills with this fun and crafty project.

‘Pitching’ sales for fun and success
Girls work on their sales pitches with this fast-paced group game.

Going up with my elevator pitch
Develop confidence and quick-thinking with this sales tactic.



 Cookie Chef Hat

Girls will love becoming food scientists, chefs and recipe developers.  As fun to make as they are to wear! 

Cookie Chef girls

Cookie Spirit Nails

Learn your cookie box colors with some spirit building glamour and fun!



Savannah Smiles Bookmark Craft

This fun bookmark craft is a great way to learn all about the Savannah Smiles cookie!


Cookie puzzles
Create and solve cool puzzles while expanding cookie knowledge.

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