Little Brownie Bakers

Night Owls Sleeping Bag

Once cookie season is over, take Twyla camping with you! !

Use these simple instructions to create a sleeping bag that’s just right for you new owl friend.

Here is what you will need:
  • • A yardstick
  • • Scissors
  • • 2 pieces of fleece 30" x 16"

Step 1: Cut two pieces of fleece fabric into 16 x 30 inch rectangles.

Step 2: Lay the fleece pieces on top of one another, making sure that all sides match in length.

Step 3: Fold down the top of the fabric 6 inches.

Step 4: Fold up the bottom of the fabric 12 inches.

Step 5: Fold down the top of the 12 inch fold 2 inches.

Step 6: Cut slits 2 inches long, spaced 1 inch apart, along both sides of the sleeping bag, making sure all the folds stay in place.

Step 7: Starting from the bottom, tie the stacked strips of fabric together to create a knot.

Step 8: Repeat until all of the fringe has been knotted. Be extra careful to keep the stacks together for each knot so everything stays lined up neatly.

Step 9: Use excess fleece to fill the ‘pillow’ at the top of the sleeping bag.


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