Little Brownie Bakers

Cookie Club fun facts

Confirmed: Cookie Club is the faster, easier way to reach high goals! 

Girls across the country are powering up their marketing with Cookie Club.

Customers buy more cookies when they order online:

  • Booth sale = 3.1 packages per order
  • Door to door = 3.3 packages per order
  • Workplace or school = 3.6 packages per order
  • Online: 6 packages per order!

Cookie Club 2012 – by the numbers

  • More than 690,054 eCards sent – up 45% over 2011
  • More than 844,855 cookie packages ordered – up 22% over 2011
  • More than 71% of those who opened an eCard ordered cookies!

How’s it work?

In Cookie Club, girls email customers customizable eCards asking for online orders. Customers place orders online, and the orders are automatically recorded in the girl’s Cookie Club account. It’s the faster, easier way to reach high goals.