Little Brownie Bakers

Cool crafts

Are you ready to take your cookie sale to the next level? Excited to put your design skills to the test? Or, maybe you’re looking to get your cookie message on everything you possibly can? Then, you’ve come to the right place! 

Cookie Chef Hat
As fun to make as they are to wear! 

World of Good Goal Necklace

Share your cookie goals with a little "character"!

Goal Necklaces 

Cookie Message Clips
Share your goals or other cookie time marketing messages on this handy clip, perfect for securing a pen to your order card.

Magic Message Maker
This high impact marketing piece will amaze friends and family.  Use it to promote support for your Gift of Caring program.

Magic Message Maker


Clipboard Sticker Art

Cookie concessions box
Create this unique "walking cookie store" for when you're on-the-go.

Walking posters
Make your booth posters wearable!

Cookies on wheels
Design your own mobile marketing campaign.

Bundles of bliss
Who can resist the Chocolate Lover's Bundle? Create cookie bundles with pretty ribbon and clever cards.